Creating a culture in and out of the Church that is accessible and inclusive to people of all abilities.

Break The Roof was born out of the story found in Mark 2 about a paralyzed man, his friends, a crowd and Jesus. Unlike many “special needs” ministries Break The Roof exists to be a platform for those with disabilities to share their stories and to have their voices heard. Break The Roof asks the questions: What crowds are blocking the way? Whose voices are missing? What roofs need to be broken open? Break The Roof aims to alter the cultural narrative around disability and raise awareness about the disparity between the perceived accessibility of society and the reality for those with disabilities.


  • Amplify the voices of those with disabilities
  • Empower those with disabilities to become self-advocates in all areas of life
  • Raise awareness of the many inconsistencies within and outside the Church in regards to accessibility and inclusion
  • Educate and train allies to transform from a crowd into a community like the friends found in Mark 2

Here is a short list as a sample of our services available to you and your organization:

  • A training session for staff and/or volunteers on how to be more inclusive and welcoming to people with disabilities
  • Consultations with Children and Youth ministries to create “buddy programs”
  • Consultation and evaluation of property, worship services and church events to highlight concerns and navigate solutions
  • Consultation with church leadership to evaluate systems and policies in regards to accessibility and inclusion
  • Speaking engagement/preaching focusing on theology through the lens of disability
  • An awareness event expressing the needs of people with disabilities in the local community not limited to but including employment, education, housing, relationships and media representation.
  • Speaking Engagement for church, school or conference sharing Matt’s personal testimony and reflecting on God’s remarkable healing and inclusion for all. Using Matt’s story to help audiences find their own voice and God-given potential to change the world around them.