7 Shocking Facts about People with Disabilities!

7 Shocking Facts about People with Disabilities!

  1. People with disabilities were not born to inspire people without disabilities!
    • Despite what Hollywood and Facebook might want you to think, that child down the street from you who just figured out a way to circumvent a step with their wheelchair didn’t do it to encourage you on your way to work. They did it because no one cared enough to build a ramp.
  2. They can fall in love and raise children!
    • This might be the MOST shocking fact on this list to some people. Diagnosis does not determine who a person will be. Some people with disabilities want to have children, some parents with children become disabled. Diagnosis does not determine desire.
  3. They, in fact, are not aliens! They are humans with a range of thoughts and feelings about their own bodies and lives.
    • Autonomy is not reserved for only those labeled “able-bodied”. We are much more than a community service project for somebody.
  4. No two people, even with the same diagnosis, are the same! They have unique opinions!
    • Do you think differently from other people with your same color hair? We do too. We also all have different, loves, joys and traumas. Just like you! Isn’t humanity grand?
  5. They do not believe equal access means socialism! (Well, maybe some do, who am I to say what all people with disabilities think?)
    • I have blown people’s minds with this one, I just know it. Sometimes, like I don’t know, I do not feel like driving my scooter up two wooden planks next to a dumpster to get into one of the nicest restaurants in Nashville, because no one ever thought when building that a person with a disability would want to or could afford a steak dinner, I mean if you wanna give me a free steak I’ll take it, buuuuuut not my goal.
  6. They come in ALL shapes and sizes AND colors. Like you know how many varieties of peeps there are? There are more flavors of people with disabilities out there! 
    • Repeat with me here. People with disabilities are not all white. They are not all Americans. They speak different languages. They are rich, they are poor, they like musicals or they prefer Vin Diesel. This is about to turn into a Dr. Seuss book.
  7. They are systematically oppressed and discriminated against, and often ignored by humans of all different political leanings. Liberal, conservative, green, or libertarian, we are still stuck on the curb unable to find a ramp to join your parade or march. 
    • There are countries and cultures in the world that practice systematic elimination of people with disabilities. Killing infants, just because they are undesirable. And billions of people don’t bat an eye. Let that sink in. Diagnosis DOES NOT DETERMINE WORTH. Stop letting us believe that we are worthless, or that our worth depends on how we have inspired you.

Ableism is rampant, y’all. Please take the time to hear our voices, our lives are depending on it. 


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