What is next?

We are overdue for some updated content on our home page. While it seems like we have been quiet, in reality we have been refining our mission and purpose and our skills as advocates for people with disabilities. Since Break The Roof was founded in Spring of 2016 so many meaningful interactions and relationships have blossomed. We have seen major wins and major set backs in media representations of people with disabilities. We have worked first hand with churches to become inclusive and change their way of thinking about disability. We have shared our story across the nation at different conferences and through various publications. With that being said: We have come to a bit of a head as an organization. We are asking, “what is next”.

Where do we focus our attention? There seems to be more voices than ever taking charge on social media for the plight of people with disabilities. So what will make us different?

I will tell you directly from my experience (this is Matt writing) as the founder of a nonprofit, a newlywed, working full-time at a job that has zero to do with disability advocacy and being disabled myself… life gets bogged down. Days without substantially cultivating Break The Roof turn into weeks and then into months. Sometimes you trust the wrong people in advocacy. Sometimes you get overwhelmed by personal circumstance. Sometimes you get burnt out. But the only thing that doesn’t change is the mission and the need.

As we get close to our 2nd birthday, I am asking more frequently: “How can Break The Roof serve the world around us?”

I wish I had a solid answer to that question today, but I am working daily towards an answer.

One way I am attacking this question is by evaluating our strengths as an organization. In case you weren’t aware, here are the ways that we excel as an advocacy organization:

  • We want to build relationships with the people around us, the people we are advocating TO and FOR.
  • We love story telling as a form of advocacy.
  • We experience, first hand, what a life being disabled is all about.
  • Our passion doesn’t seem to burn out no matter how often people and circumstances try to smother that flame.
  • Our approach to advocacy is just as creative as our commitment to adaptations and accessibility.
  • Our goal is to see the world, people and systems healed. Not bullied, “guilted” or demolished.
  • Our mission is influenced directly by our Faith. So we know that our purpose far outweighs any lowly moment of discrimination and marginalization that we may experience.

We have other strengths as an organization, but whatever is next for us, you can count on one thing: We will not settle until we see the people in our reach changed for the better.

So as we continue to formulate an in-depth answer to our “what is next?” question, know that we are here to lead trainings, speaking events, consultations, conferences, and social media campaigns to help people recognize the glaring needs of the disability community and how to meet those needs.

Keep an eye out for more awesome updates headed your way!



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