100 X 100

Hopefully, you have arrived on this pages after watching our brief video detailing our latest fundraising campaign that we are calling, “100X100”.

Our concept is this:

To meet our 2017 needs through a grassroots effort that utilizes the partnerships of churches, businesses and organizations. I believe it is these entities that are in most need of Break The Roof’s influence. I believe this fundraising initiative can be the opportunity to inspire vast change in culture around the Nation. For Break The Roof’s message of inclusion and equality to stick we need those in positions of major influence to become invested. What better way to start investing than financially? 

If 100 churches, businesses and organizations give 100$ each we will meet our need of 10,000$ for 2017 to operate.

Any and all fundraising for Break The Roof goes directly into operating costs. No monies go into anyone’s pockets but rather are used to keep us running.

Here are some of the ways 10,000$ will be used in 2017:

  • Video resources for advocacy
  • Branching out into our own 501(c)3
  • Travel costs for seminars/conferences
  • Funding for awareness efforts locally and nationally
  • Offsetting personal costs and expenses
  • Technology costs to create videos and resources
  • Curriculum creation and research

What we need from you:

So what we need you to do is comment here or back on our Facebook post with a church, business or organization that you think may be interested in partnering with us.

I will be contacting all of the organizations, but it would be great for me to be able to start conversations by saying, “Hello, I was referred to your church by (Your name Here)”

If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to ask. I can be reached at mattpcurcio@gmail.com

Much Love,

Lets start breaking roofs together.



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