Learning to Walk…Again

At the bottom of this blog you will see our latest video. A mini-documentary covering the four-month recovery process of our Founder, Matt Curcio.

We decided to write a blog to correspond to the latest video because while the video has content we want to take some time to explain the point of the “mini-documentary”.

First and foremost, we want you to understand that the intention of this video is NOT to inspire people in the vain of how many videos pertaining to disability defer to highlighting.

If you walk or roll away encouraged by what you see in the video that is beautiful, but the goal of this video is to make the disabled life more accessible to those who are not disabled. 

Break The Roof and Matt aren’t calling for pity or sympathy for the struggles people with disabilities experience.

What we desire is two-fold:

  1. If you are not disabled, we want you to gain understanding, to have an inside look on something that is sometimes too uncomfortable to ask questions about. Watch the video and hopefully some of your questions will be answered, but more than having your curiosities quelled take this chance to grow in understanding. Look into the face of the other and take a step forward in seeing. We are all human. The disabled life is our reality, so please stop treating us like a tragedy.
  2. If you ARE disabled on any spectrum. Be encouraged. For Matt, breaking his leg had always been his greatest fear. And what is worse it happened in an extremely mundane situation. Moments like this want to crush our pursuit of independence. We know that disability manifestation is as vast as the sea, so your independence may not be in walking or driving, but there are aspects of your life that give you freedom. Do not rest in fear, depression and hopelessness. Find your independence, what ever that might look like and never give up on it. And if you aren’t quite sure what independence looks like for you, reach out to us we would love to help you discern that.

Enjoy the mini-documentary. Share it and pass it along. There are unspoken messages in this video that the world needs to hear.




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